Thursday, 11 July 2013

Semester is over, and where is all the fun?

Another semester is over and all of my academic friends are happy to embrace summer freedom again. But not me this time… It may be because I have to work on my bachelor thesis throughout the summer. It may be because I also have to work on my other bachelor thesis throughout this same summer. Or it may be the fact that I work at the university and for the first time in my life I see that the end of semester for students is definitely not the end of work for university employees.

I stare out of the window every day, imagining how colourful my summer would be if I weren't sitting at a computer at work that moment. Regrets come to me when my imagination combines what I have gone through before, what I could go through now and what I cannot do at the moment. Wherever a person is, there always is somewhere else they imagine to be. Human nature praises us to be the most intelligent creatures on the Earth, but our thinking is often overdosed with 'what ifs' and 'if onlys' that make us feel uneasy about the current situation.
Of course it is freaking hot outside and half of my friends are diving somewhere deep in the fun of summer craziness, but doesn't every story have several sides to observe and several witnesses to say it different? It does, and so does my situation. Not only is it honour to work at the university, but it also provides me with the utmost academic experience. I've never even imagined there is such a load of information one can grasp when taking interest in his home academic institution and, more importantly, receiving it from the first hand.
So it happened that from studying I made it to volunteering, and from there I went straight to getting an awesome job with great people. You better listen carefully when I say – I may work this summer, but you may work the next one, while I am having fun. Taking paths means making decisions, and I am proud to say that the one to work was the best I have made. There is a huge difference between theory and practice - studying helps you gather knowledge, but working brings experience. And I would never trade that.

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