Thursday, 17 December 2015

Make your studies compatible with the job market

Should we study what we want because we enjoy it or should we respond to the demands of the market when choosing our major to have a higher chance of getting a job after we graduate?

This is definitely a question that students struggle with all over the world when finishing high school. In Brno, we had an opportunity to listen to this topic in a panel discussion that was part of the National Boards Meeting of the Erasmus Students Network.

One of the participants of the panel was Radka Vicarova, International Programmes Coordinator at Masaryk University, who is responsible for incoming Erasmus+ students. We asked her a few questions about the topic.  Let’s see what she had to share!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Students for Liberty and Brno: Interview with Jan Škapa

Jan Škapa
My first encounter with Students for Liberty in Brno was sort of random. I was sitting at a local café with my friend and as the night was getting closer I noticed a bunch of people coming in and setting up a meeting in the underground premises of the café.

One of those people was my friend Dave Stancel and I knew that he was a part of some organization focusing on political ideas and liberty. Since I was always interested in those topics I decided to stay and see what all the fuss is about. It turned out to be a lovely night full of both information and discussion. I believe the topic that night was: „Why Scottish Independence Failed?“.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Where is my bread?

„Why are you going to Czechoslovakia on Erasmus?“ Firstly, there are two countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Secondly, why not? When I said I have chosen the Czech Republic as my first option for one year abroad, most of the people stared at me. Others told me that beer is so cheap there: „You are going to have great parties!“ Let me remark that this experience is not only about going to pubs and clubs.

„Tram is arriving exactly at 09.37? That is impossible,“ I said to myself. After two weeks I understood the public transport really works in Brno. Trams, buses and trolleybuses (which were strange buses with antennas for me at the beginning) arrive always on time. Besides that, they arrive each five or ten minutes and night buses drive even during the week. In short, the public transport is effective here. I was used to wait for delayed buses and before coming to Czech Republic I have never taken a tram or trolleybus. And it is still funny when I see locals running to catch transport. Come on, you have another one coming in few minutes!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

A (sort of) Guide to the Exam Period

I know it is a clumsy guide – if it is a guide at all
But it helps me pass exams – and have fun, overall.

Living through a semester at university is like running a marathon with an uphill run at the end. You already see the finishing line, but the toughest part is yet ahead - the scary time called exam period. You need to jump through tests, overcome procrastination, study at steady pace and suddenly speed up the night before the exam. Not an easy task to manage! 

So what to do and how to do it during the exams time?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Quality time with Czech family

Being homesick always happens to students coming abroad to pursue their studies. Truthfully, I sometimes felt lonely during the first few months whilst I was thousand miles away from home and was not able to celebrate any special occasions with my family. However, it was a great experience and marvelous time to meet international students coming from various countries, and especially local students who are from other towns but study in Brno.
Undoubtedly, it was a real culture shock to find myself in Brno after arrival at a new place in Europe for the first time. I have encountered the language barrier since most people (apart from university students) used local language. Furthermore, some old people seemed to be cold, and the way they looked at me was weird, as if I was an alien...

Nevertheless, my perception dramatically changed after a warmly welcome from my Czech friends’ family. Firstly, there was a festival in my Czech friend’s village, he therefore invited some friends to join and stay in his house. I felt it was kind of my home since his parents were really nice and they served meals as if we were the members of the family too.

Krojové Hody Festival
A very warm family and beloved international friends

Last but not least, my tutor invited me to her house a few days before Easter. I felt astonished while her whole family was definitely curious about seeing me - a girl from an Asian country. It touched my heart when her grandmother welcomed me to her house, and she prepared typical Czech cakes for me and asked me to come and visit her again. Isn’t it sufficient to assert that not all the Czechs are cold??!!

With a nice grandmother who made typical Czech cakes

Lastly, I do believe that not all humans are the same. We should not stereotype people the first time we meet. We will not be aware of meeting real Czechs unless we have a chance to stay in the Czech Republic for quite long and spend time getting deeply involved with those local people. Moreover, I have learned many things after living in such a great place for over one year. Frankly, I am satisfied that Brno is my second home whilst international friends are my family. Hence, let’s enjoy the best moment we have with people around…J We will never know what will happen tomorrow…!!

Reaksmey Bunry, Faculty of Education