Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Big Semester Plan

The End of August

The feeling of utmost desperation comes to my brother when the end of August approaches. School again, homework again, no free time, teachers pushing him into what he certainly doesn’t need to do… While his older sibling (that’d be me) hilariously dances around the table uttering the words “I still have three weeks of holidaaaay!”

The End of September

The feeling of utmost desperation comes to me when the end of September approaches. Lectures again, essays again, no free time, professors pushing me into what I certainly don’t need to do… While my parents laugh at the idea of their children being ‘tortured ‘at school when actually they only have enormous amount of free time along with little studying for their exams.

The Big Semester Plan

When the time comes, I sit down and prepare a plan… I will attend every lecture and study right after the lecture so that it gets easy before the exams… I will definitely go to the library every week to check the reading professors will recommend… I will write the essays straight away so that I have enough time to party before the deadline… And I will definitely take up some volunteering to fill my free time with a meaningful activity…Yes, I will.

The Real Semester Time

When the time has come, I realised how little thorough my plan was… I could not go to every lecture, because I had to get a good sleep before it. I didn’t get a good sleep, because I was out with friends the night before. I had to go out, because I had been really tired after looking for those recommended books in the library. Now, since I was not at the following lecture, I cannot start writing my essay straight away. Therefore I can party now and write it short before the deadline. Therefore, however, I cannot get to any volunteering activities until I finish all my papers and am good for the exams...

So as it goes, I enjoy nights out until the exam period starts.
Then, in pain, I think… maybe I should have followed the big semester plan…

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