Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dear end of semester,

I wanted to let you know how impatiently I’m awaiting you coming every half a year, when struggling with the mind-boggling research on final papers and craving for all the incredibilities of summer time and freedom from school. Those few months of battling the university go as quickly as a snail around the world and poor students need rest. I thank you for coming, semester end, I really do. If only you didn’t come with the other one, the hated one, the cursed-upon one, the one-who-should-not-be-spoken-of-aloud. The EXAM period!
I would say I love you so much for finally coming to my life and inserting the notion of approaching summer into my poor-student mind, but… why do you always have to bring the exam period with you? Is it not plain torture to make us all happy as lectures are over and we can sleep longer, while bringing sleeplessness into our days and nights just because of those few hours spent taking exams? I myself would suggest a reason. Is it because things in life are never only black or white? Maybe the reason is that everything bad actually brings new light into life, new opportunities, new viewpoints, new beginning… Is that the reason? The end of semester initiates exam period to keep us focused on the subject we freely decided to put upon our shoulders. It summarises the knowledge we should have gathered throughout the semester lectures and our work. I understand it is an evaluation of our eligibility to stay at the university and progress well. Also, if semester is over, there has to be something else filling holes in our precious time left after lectures disappear. I would only suggest a little change – why not having summer instead? Everybody already has summer in their minds as soon as the imaginable bell rings at the end of the last lecture. The Sun is shining, birds are singing, and teachers are waiting for our research papers. Suddenly the few months at school seem to be of too little time to manage cramming for my exams and finishing my papers. Suddenly I want to have my lectures back only to gain more time for figuring out the whole exam period struggling. I could believe you have a reason to bring your exam friend with you. I could believe there is a deep, a very deep purpose in what you always do, dear semester end. I could believe all of that, but I am a student whose exam period has just begun - and so my feelings stay unchanged – antagonistic towards the bittersweet reality:  

End of semester, what a perfect time to arrive.
End of semester, how I hate you for coming so quick!

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