Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Why Masaryk University?

Many people ask about where you work now, where you study now, where you live now… But only few manage to discover why. Little children ask why all the time, because they want to understand. Adults don’t need to understand that much, they need to know. Simple information, simple replies, and simple statements about how the world is. But why the world is? That I do not know. What I know is why some people study at Masaryk University, and I will tell you.

The adult fact is that they already study here and that they are from abroad. My childish curiosity inquired why and I understand how international students manage to pick us out. It is only simple information picked out of the profound presenting that MU pursues abroad. Or is it not?

My wife and her family have all attended Masaryk University and they recommended it,” says Daniel, one of our truly adult students. It really is people who shape our decisions. Ywet, on the other hand, didn’t know anything about European universities: “My educational background was equivalent to the requirements that were given by MU, and so I chose that one.” Some students, however, seem to seek and hunt and chase information so that they know everything. “The international teachers with a bunch of experience made me finally decide for the Faculty of Social Studies,” recalls Maja. Not only university reputation and teaching techniques, but also the city which shelters all the faculties has its advantages, as “the location of Brno seems to be in the center of Europe,” points out Kawa. It may be the official image that Masaryk University paints, or it may be its students who know other students, who then know other students, who might as well know some other students too… and then it is forums, reviews, advice, and sometimes plain chance and luck that bring foreign students to Brno.

I recall myself why my head – or my heart (whichever it was) – brought me to Brno, directly to Masaryk University. It was reputation and prestige combined with my passion for the subject I pursue – but it was not any pamphlets, official webpages, nor options presented at high school, which lead me here. It was friends. The more open and honest a friend is, the more he can help you decide. My friends described their experience and it took me to the university I love today. Now it’s my turn to help others decide. 

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