Tuesday, 2 December 2014

5 Reasons Why I Study at Faculty of Informatics

You can ask me how many girls are on the Faculty of Informatics? I will answer: “not so many, but you will love it!”

Today, I will tell you 5 reasons why I study at the Faculty of Informatics. It can be interesting for everybody since we are living in the age of Computer Technologies, where IT specialists are required everywhere.

The Faculty of Informatics is located near Brno city centre and one of the biggest student dormitories “Družba”. Usually it takes 5 minutes to get from the dormitory to the faculty. Recently, the faculty has been renovated and nowadays it looks quite modern.

Be ready to collaborate!
                           "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
                                                                                               Helen Keller

During my study at MU I met a lot of interesting people, just because of my collaboration in team projects. Surprisingly for me, I didn’t have only technical or IT projects but also projects which were related to soft skills, for instance ‘Person Centered Communication’ or ‘Communication and Managerial Skills Training’.

Sometimes, I have a hard time with my study, but who doesn’t? When the exam period is coming all libraries and Computer hall (CPS) are full of students. At the Faculty of Informatics, I  can usually  find most up-to-date IT publications.

   Internship program
My interest in project management combined with computer and  service sciences helped me to find the Internship program in IBM Delivery Centre. One semester internship was part of my study. This program gave me the possibility to gain working experience in the IT company and have the opportunity to practice and improve project management and communication skills with many nationalities.

Brno at the heart of Europe
From Brno it is only about two hours car drive to Bratislava and Vienna. Also, Brno has an international airport called “Tuřany”. There are many interesting places you can travel from Brno by airplane. In 2007, the most popular destinations were: London, Prague, Girona (Spain), Rome and Moscow.

Irina Serdyukova, MU student of Faculty of Informatics

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