Monday, 10 November 2014

International Student Ambassadors

Interested in studying at MU? Contact the International Student Ambassadors!

Have you ever wondered what Brno is like, or what are the possibilities of social life in Brno? Do you seek student’s experience and opinion about the particular field of study? Are you interested in the student life of Masaryk University (MU) or want to find out more about the Czech mentality and culture before you come to the Czech Republic? For these enquiries and much more, the International Student Ambassadors are here eager to help!

All of these questions may not be appropriate to ask the study departments who are in charge of answering questions dealing with study matters, such as the application process, organization of the study, fees, scholarships or deadlines. Therefore, as the student point of view matters  very much, International Student Ambassadors are ready to help.

International Student Ambassadors provide relevant and valid information for the prospective students – those who are interested to study at Masaryk University. Since the personal experience of studying at Masaryk University is priceless, we offer you the chance to contact our international students directly and enquire about their lives at MU. You may choose from this list according to your interest. All of our ambassadors are easy-going students who are willing to share their opinions and advice about the study at Masaryk University and life in Brno. If you are not sure yet which faculty you would like to study and want to simply ask about student life, simply pick one out of them and write him/her an email. International Student Ambassadors can also provide help with looking for the specific information about student’s experience with the particular field of study, subjects or opinion about carrying out the research. 

So, feel free to contact them any time, they will be perfectly happy to answerJ
See the list of the contacts here:

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