Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why would you stay at school when you have no classes??

Or Just Another Story by Olie and Moe, this time at the Faculty of Arts and Social Studies

The Sun was shining high when Olie woke up. It was a good party yesterday, he thought to himself. If only Moe hadn't come so late from school… He missed the best part of it.
            Olie and Moe were friends from high school. They sometimes acted as one, but when it came to the decision what to do after high school, their opinions differed much. Moe chose university life, meeting new people, trying to figure out his professional path, and postponing the dull image of a working man's days. Olie's attitude towards it was negative. He despised all those book-carrying students who to him seemed to be too proud of being part of the university world. “I don't like them acting as if their brains have gathered all the knowledge of the world,” he was used to saying. Moe usually ignored his friend's remarks, knowing that it may have been only out of sheer jealousy that Olie couldn't get on with people who openly expressed their fondness towards university.
            When Olie woke up, he felt like meeting Moe for lunch, so that he could have fun provoking him when telling all about the party he had missed.
            Moe's phone rang straight after he got out of the class. It was Olie: “Hey man, what's up today? Wanna get lunch somewhere?”
            “Sure thing,” replied Moe, “meeting in front of the Faculty of Arts, you remember, right?”

          It was one of the first spring-like days after quite a moody winter time. Moe explained that he hadn't come to the party on time because he got satisfyingly stuck at the faculty with his friends.

“So you actually didn't have any class, just stayed at school for fun? Why would you stay at school when you have no classes??”

 “See, you ask why, instead of asking why not…  Because it's fine over there! You have lots of people all around with all of whom you have something in common, you have space for work, place for coffee, you can even party there! Just come with me, man, I'll show you around.”

          Olie hesitated for a while. He always felt insecure when being at the university ground – a place he did not belong to. Though not really delighted at the idea, he agreed since there was nothing better to do. Moe took him to the two faculties he attended – first the Faculty of Arts, then the one of Social Studies. He knew Olie would like it if being in his place. They were the same by nature, though deadly varied at attitudes towards things. As they entered the first faculty, they got through the outer building and ended up in the yard. Olie saw nothing of what Moe had in his mind – image of a bunch of students sitting on grass and laughing like crazy, or that group of weirdos who always played with a ball that looked like a ball but was not a ball at all. He tried to explain the atmosphere, but couldn't reach Olie's understanding.

“And come on, man, it's just the end of winter! Where do you think people go when the Sun comes up? There's plenty of grass, greenery, benches and trees… Do you know how beautiful the smell in the whole yard is when these flowers bloom?”

“Moe, you speak like a woman!”

“I speak like a man who likes his university and perceives that there is much more to it than only studying. It's never only studying here… never.”

One can hardly put another person in his place, even if endlessly talking and describing. Many things in life enter our minds through our emotional perception rather than our rationality. We may be rational in class, but stay fools when we get out. Olie's prejudice towards university students was unfair and unjust, and he secretly knew it, but would never admit that he could like going to university.
            The first stop was at Krmítko – a cafeteria with everything and anything, including good prices. “There are several like that. I like this one, 'cause it's cosy and the walls are crazy, look at the paintings… if you could put those pictures of yours together, you could exhibit them here. And hey, have a look at those two… the one in the white T-shirt is Veronica. I used to have classes with her…Her English is as good as the coffee she makes. And that coffee, Olie, is damn good, haha!”

Okay, so they have nice girls here, good and not expensive coffee, food, sofas and a big teddy bear. Oh, and table-football. And club rooms. And there is another place like this on the other faculty. And on those others probably too. I guess it's not that boring when you have to wait for the class, but still…

“Look, if you're really bored, we can go downtown,” Moe disturbed Olie's thoughts.
“Nope, it's okay. You wanna show me anything else?”

And so they went to the Faculty of Social Studies. Olie's eyes were not big enough to take in a wholesome picture of the main hall where some people were sitting at tables, definitely doing something non-scholar on their laptops, and some were even lying on those wide and high and wooden-like steps leading down to the other Krmítko. Moe sometimes mentioned some student's theatrical group that gave out ironic plays on how it works – or doesn't work – at uni. This must be the place then, quite perfect for a small performance. As they were about to leave the hall, Olie caught sight of some people sitting on sofas. Sofas in halls, tables in corridors, cafés at school… all a bit different from what he imagined.

 “Now, I know you're hungry as hell, so how about we grab something down here and eat it out?” asked Moe. Olie nodded with his stomach empty and his head full of unexpected thoughts. He didn't know at the moment that 'eating out' meant going nearly to the roof of the faculty building. Strange glass pyramids were scattered all over the place. Olie did not realize it in the hall, but those pyramids were actually the windows so that a bit of the sky could get inside. It was peaceful out there, with fresh spring air and lunch, finally.

“So this is why you stay at school when you have no classes, right?”

“Yeah, combined with people. They're not that big-headed as you think. They're normal people trying to get a degree and pursue what they want. Same as me, and possibly same as you.”

“I see. Same as you and same as the future me.”

“Are you joking?”

“Nope. I'm going for the degree! But only because you have those sofas…”

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